5 Alerts

Avoid the phone queue and report your hunt through an ODFW license agent. Find a list of license agents here.

The Bonneville Pool on the Columbia River will close to sturgeon retention at midnight on Jan. 7.

The sturgeon quota in The Dalles Pool has been met. The pool closed to retention at midnight on Jan. 4.

Beginning March 23, all ODFW offices will be closed to visitors. ODFW staff will be available by phone and email.

Effective March 18, all state-owned fish hatcheries are closed to public access and visitors. Trout stocking in lakes and ponds continues for now.

Recreation Report

Northwest Zone

Regulation Updates

 Regulation Updates as of  Jan. 4, 2021

These are in-season regulation changes adopted on a temporary or emergency basis. Please see e-regulations for permanent regulations.

There are currently no in-season regulation changes.

For more information contact your local ODFW office:

  • Tillamook North Coast Watershed District Office 503-842-2741

Recreation Report

Fall Chinook salmon
"Doubles" Fall Chinook Salmon, Pacific City. Photo by Chris J.

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We’d love to hear about your recent fishing experience. Send us your own fishing report through ODFW Fishing Reports―the information will be forwarded to the local biologist who may use it to update various ODFW resources such as the weekly Recreation Report.


North Coast lakes are done with trout stocking until next spring, but many lakes have holdover trout from earlier season’s stockings. Warmwater fishing should be over for the year as water temperatures are too cold to keep those species active.

Mid-coast lakes will receive trout stockings the first couple weeks of February, which is just around the corner. These lakes include: Cleawox, Munsel, Alder, Dune, Thissel, and Big Creek Reservoirs.

Ollala Lake (mid-coast district) is owned and operated by Georgia Pacific in Toledo and will remain closed through the fall/winter due to COVID restrictions and social distancing concerns. We will keep you posted when this lake opens back up to the public.


The majority of North Coast rivers dropped into good shape for winter steelhead fishing this past weekend. Fishing effort was high with a lot of anglers out, but fishing was only fair. That said there were fish caught on most basins, including some large fish! This week the rivers are dropping into lower flows; most all should be fishable through the weekend. Going to lighter line, smaller presentations, and more subtle colors will increase success as the rivers get clear. Last updated 1/20/21.

The Siletz, Alsea and Siuslaw rivers all have steelhead in them. The rivers are dropping into shape and, with little rain in the forecast, will stay fishing for the foreseeable future.

Rivers and streams to fish this week:

  • The Nestucca and Wilson Rivers are going to be the best opportunity to get into big, bright hatchery fish for the remainder of the season. Some opportunity for hatchery fish still exist on Three Rivers, the North Fork Nehalem, and Necaniucm. Last updated 1/20/21.
  • The Alsea River has been producing some steelhead and the recent high water will have fish headed for the hatchery on the NF Alsea. 1/13/21


Where’s the stocking schedule?

Our plans to begin posting the trout stocking schedule have been scrambled by the recent wildfires in the state. Several state-owned hatcheries were damaged in the fires, and thousands of fish were lost or released early.

It will take us a while to re-figure the current schedule to reflect these changes.

In the meantime, trout stocking is essentially done for 2020, except for a few locations noted in the Recreation Report.

TROUT STOCKING MAPS: Find your place to fish

Check out the ODFW fishing and trout stocking maps to find nearby fishing locations, driving directions and descriptions of amenities.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: closures, special events, etc.

Tips to recreate responsibly

We continue to urge anglers and others recreating outside to stay close to home, keep your social distance, and travel safely. Here’s more information about how to recreate responsibly.

Ollala Lake (mid-coast district) is owned and operated by Georgia Pacific in Toledo and will remain closed through the fall due to COVID restrictions and social distancing concerns.


ALSEA RIVER: winter steelhead

Winter steelhead fishing has been slow on the Alsea despite the good conditions this last week. The river continues to drop and clear creating good conditions for the drift boaters. Fishing should pick up as more fish move into the system over the next couple of weeks. The popular NF Alsea fishery has been slow and will benefit from another shot of rain in the future. The later returning wild broodstock fish are just starting to show up and the run should continue to build into February and March.

****Reminder****The popular winter steelhead bank fishery around the Alsea Hatchery remains open but the hatchery grounds are closed to the public. Anglers are required to park in the designated parking lot to access the river and are not allowed to park near or enter the hatchery grounds. Please be respectful of the hatchery staff and follow these rules to ensure this popular fishery remains open for the 2020/2021 season.

Cutthroat trout fishing closed for the season on Oct. 31. Last updated 1/20/21.

KILCHIS RIVER: steelhead

The Kilchis will be getting low and clear, which can make steelhead fishing challenging. Definitely have your low water techniques, tactics and tackle if you choose to target this basin this week. There are no hatchery releases of winter steelhead on the Kilchis, but there should be wild fish (catch and release only) throughout the system. Last updated 1/20/21.

LOWER COLUMBIA TRIBUTARIES (Big Cr, Klaskanine R, Gnat Cr) steelhead

There are still some hatchery steelhead available in these streams, although they are probably starting to wind down, and will be low and clear this week. Last updated 1/20/21.

NECANICUM: steelhead

Despite great conditions, the steehead fishing on the Necanicum was only fair last weekend. That said, there were fish caught; both hatchery and wild. The Necanicum’s hatchery run has probably past its peak, but there is still opportunity for decent hatchery fish, and the wild run (catch and release only) is just getting started. The river will be getting low and clear this week; so plan your gear and tactics accordingly. Last updated 1/20/21.


Fishing was slow on the North Fork over the weekend, but picked up a little early in the week. As of this writing the North Fork was still in good shape with a tint of green, but will most likely be getting low and clear by the weekend. Although the hatchery run may be slightly past its peak, there is still plenty of opportunity to catch both hatchery and wild fish (catch and release only for wilds). Last updated 1/20/21.

The mainstem Nehalem is finally dropping into shape and should fish, but still have good color by the weekend. There are no hatchery releases on the mainstem, so it is a mostly wild fish river (catch and release only). There should be fish throughout the system. Last updated 1/20/21.


The Nestucca came into shape a little later than many of the other North Coast Rivers, but is in good shape now and should be through the weekend. There is plenty of opportunity for hatchery and wild fish (catch and release only) through the weekend. Last updated 1/20/21.

Three Rivers will be getting low and clear, which could make fishing challenging, but there are still hatchery and wild (catch and release only) throughout the system. Last updated 1/20/21.  

SALMON RIVER:  winter steelhead

Winter steelhead are around in the Salmon River. The peak for winter steelhead on the Salmon River is typically January to March. Last updated 1/13/21.

NOTE: Reminder, the Salmon River hatchery remains closed to walk in anglers. Anglers can use access points upstream and downstream of the hatchery to access those traditional fishing locations.

SILETZ RIVER: winter steelhead

Winter steelheading has been slow on the Siletz, despite ideal conditions after the last storm. The dry forecast will have the river on the drop and fishable for the foreseeable future, and should pick up as more fish move into the system over the next couple of weeks. The typical peak for Siletz winter steelhead is January to March.

The 4.0 mile bridge (aka Steel Bridge) in the Siletz gorge is open to motorized vehicles on the weekends only. Anglers can walk/bike in the road during the weekdays. There is a parking area located at the 1-mile gate where anglers can walk/bike upstream from there. Last updated 1/20/21.

SIUSLAW RIVER: winter steelhead

Winter steelhead fishing has been slow on the Siuslaw with the high and off-color conditions. The river is finally starting to come back into shape and the fishing should improve over the next couple of weeks as more fish move into the system. The Whitaker Creek area is the best place to target returning hatchery fish.

Hatchery fish are also planted in Lake Creek and are released into Green Creek. These returning hatchery fish will start to show up in December and peak in January and February. Last updated 1/20/21.

TRASK RIVER: steelhead

Fishing was slow on the Trask this past weekend, despite good conditions and a lot of effort. There were, however, a few fish caught. It will be fishable this weekend, although most likely getting on the clear side. There are no hatchery releases in the Trask, so it’s mostly a wild fish river (catch and release only). Last updated 1/20/21.

For anglers fishing near the hatchery, please be advised that Trask Hatchery is currently CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. There have been compliance issues recently; please DO NOT walk past the hatchery closed signs.

The hatchery grounds closure does not affect fishing on the river itself, only access through the hatchery grounds. During the hatchery grounds closure, all vehicle and angler access is prohibited until further notice to ensure public safety while the construction is in progress.

Parking is available to anglers on Chance Rd. near the entrance to the hatchery, and anglers can continue to access the river on the trail from the parking area but from there must remain on the riverbank without accessing the main hatchery grounds. Please remember to practice social distancing.

WILSON RIVER: steelhead

Winter steelhead fishing was slow to fair last weekend, despite excellent conditions and heavy effort. There were a few fish caught, including some very large fish! The Wilson is still in decent shape, but is dropping and may be getting a little on the low and clear side by the weekend. There are hatchery and wild (catch and release only) steelhead, and the opportunity to catch them, throughout the fishery. Last updated 1/20/21.

YAQUINA RIVER: winter steelhead

Winter steelhead will start to show up in the Yaquina/Big Elk in December and typically peak from January to March. Last updated 12/2/20.