Razor clamming is now open from Cape Lookout south to the CA border. Clatsop County beaches remain closed.

Chinook hatchery retention closes early due to low returns.

All  ODFW offices remain closed to visitors. ODFW staff will be available by phone and email.

Hatcheries have partially reopened during normal visiting hours (8-5 in most cases). Most indoor areas, visitor centers and restrooms remain closed so please plan accordingly. 

Recreation Report

Northwest Zone

Regulation Updates

 Regulation Updates as of  May 17, 2021

These are in-season regulation changes adopted on a temporary or emergency basis. Please see e-regulations for permanent regulations.

There are currently no in-season regulation changes.

For more information contact your local ODFW office:

  • Tillamook North Coast Watershed District Office 503-842-2741

Recreation Report

Steelhead on the Wilson River
"Pure excitement" Steelhead on the Wilson River -Photo by Trevor Walden-

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All North Coast lakes have been stocked with rainbow trout, spring stocking was completed last week and no further stockings will take place on the North Coast until September. At this time there are still plenty of fish in the lakes! Water conditions are still good, although some lakes are a little lower than usual for this time of year and there is some weed growth starting. The trout are still hungry, and the fishing is still good! Cape Meares Lake, Hebo Lake, Nedonna pond, Town Lake, Coffenbury Lake, and Lost Lake were stocked last week. There were some surplus trout this year (mostly due to cancellations of special fishing events due to COVID), as a result many of these lakes got more trout last week than originally scheduled. Go catch them! 6/9/21.

Warmwater species should are in full swing. Now is a good time to target larger fish close to the shore, as many of the species are currently spawning. These are ambush predators that use cover to hide. Fishing that cover (logs, stumps, lily pads, etc.) will up your odds of success. Cape Meares Lake, Coffenbury Lake, Cullaby Lake, Lake Lytle, Spring Lake, Town Lake and Vernonia Pond all have warmwater species. 6/1/21.

Mid-coast lakes are full of trout and the fishing has been good but the stockings are done for the 2021 season. Here is a list of the lakes that have been stocked so far this year: Thissel Pond, Cleawox, Munsel, Mercer, Sutton, Alder, Dune, Buck, Lost, Carter, Devils, Woahink, Elbow, Siltcoos, Eckman, and Big Creek Reservoirs #1 and #2. Here is a list of the lakes that are scheduled to be stocked this week (June 7-11): Big Creek #2

Warmwater fisheries in the mid-coast are in full swing. The Florence area has a number of great warmwater lake opportunities for bass and other warmwater species like yellow perch. Siltcoos, Tahkenitch, Mercer, Woahink, and Munsel all provide good warmwater fishing through the spring/summer/fall months.


Spring Chinook fishing remained slow to fair on the North Coast this past week. There are small numbers of fish being caught consistently in all of the expected basins. The Lower Columbia Tributaries, Nestucca River and Bay, Tillamook Bay and the Trask River are the best bets for encountering spring Chinook. More rain fell over the weekend than expected. Though the rain didn’t bring the rivers up much, it did move some more fish in and fishing improved in the Trask and the Nestucca again. The bays remained slower, although there are definitely a few fish being caught there as well. Once again, with no significant rain predicted for over a week, we will probably see this trend start to reverse as fish in the river get fished over and new fish begin to stack back up in the bays. 6/9/21.

There should be summer steelhead in the Nestucca and Wilson rivers, but we still aren’t receiving reports of fish being caught, and during some scouting of a few resting pools in the upper Wilson late last week, no steelhead were observed. 6/9/21.

The Siletz River has summer steelhead and spring Chinook starting to show up but the fishing has been slow. Late June through July is typically the peak for Siletz summer steelhead and spring Chinook. Check the regulations for open areas and bag limits for these fish. Trout fishing in streams opened on May 22. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. Cutthroat trout fishing in streams this time of year can be very productive and offers endless places to fish on the mid-coast.

Rivers and streams to fish this week:

  • The Lower Columbia Tributaries, Nestucca River, Tillamook Bay and Trask River are still going to be the best opportunities to catch a spring Chinook. More rain than expected fell over the past weekend, bringing more Chinook into the rivers. The bays have been a little slower, but there are fish being caught there as well. Fishing for springers should continue to improve throughout the month. 6/9/21.
  • The Nestucca River and Wilson River both get hatchery summer steelhead returns and those fish should be in the rivers by now, but reports of fish being caught or observed remain sparse.  6/9/21.
  • Siletz summer steelhead are starting to show up in decent numbers. The peak of the run is typically late June through the month of July. The recent rains have brought the river level up making it easier to float. 6/16/21
  • Trout fishing in streams opens on May 22. All of the mid-coast streams have healthy populations of cutthroat and provide a great opportunity for anglers to get away from the crowds and catch some nice fish. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. 6/2/21


Scheduled to be stocked this week (week of June 14): Slushers Lake.

Stocked last week (week of June 7): Big Creek Reservoir #2.

Though stocking of north and mid-coast lakes is done for the season, there are still lots of trout swimming around from earlier stockings.

Big Creek Reservoirs #1 and #2, Cleawox Lake, Thissel Pond and Olalla Lake were all stocked last week and Big Creek #2 will be stocked with trophies this week. These are the last stockings in the mid-coast for the 2021 season.

Expect changes to the stocking schedule

Trout stocking this year will be challenging in some areas of the state. 

Some waterbodies may not be stocked because of poor water conditions, and these fish will be diverted to another location. In other cases, stocking may happen a week before/after the scheduled date due to logistical challenges. Staff may need to make these decisions quickly, and not have time to update the stocking database.

Therefore, please check the Recreation Report listings below for stocking updates and changes before heading out. Changes to the schedule will be noted here.

Check out the complete 2021 trout stocking schedule.

TROUT STOCKING MAPS: Find your place to fish

Check out the ODFW fishing and trout stocking maps to find nearby fishing locations, driving directions and descriptions of amenities.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: closures, special events, etc.

Tips for cutthroat trout fishing
Coastal rivers and streams now open for trout

Cutthroat trout in Oregon’s coastal rivers and streams is a popular summer fishery. Resident cutthroat are available now, and look for sea-run cuts to start entering the rivers in July/August. If you’re new to cutthroat trout fishing, we’ve got some tips.

ODFW braces for drought
What anglers can expect

March and April of 2021 were among the driest spring months since the 1890s, and ODFW is bracing for a serious drought as summer arrives. Currently, 72 percent of the state is in severe or extreme drought status.

As the summer progresses, anglers should continue to expect changes to fish stocking, and possible emergency regulations. See more details here. The weekly Recreation Report will be your best source of information on conditions and any emergency regulations.

New map shows wildfire impacts on recreation

Hunters, anglers and wildlife viewers will be living with the impacts of the 2020 wildfire season for a long time. To help you navigate the status of popular recreation sites, natural resource management agencies in Oregon have released an interagency status map that shows open, closed and reduced service areas on a single map, regardless of reason for closure.

The map now also includes an updated boat ramp status map. The Marine Board plans to update boat ramp status every month at a minimum.

Finding garbage at your favorite spot?
Consider packing some out

During the past year, more people have been fishing and getting outdoors. And the garbage they’ve left behind proves it. Next time you head to the water, put a garbage bag in your pocket and fill it with any garbage you find. After you’re done fishing, of course.


ALSEA RIVER: cutthroat trout

Trout fishing in streams opened on May 22. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. Last updated 5/26/21.

KILCHIS RIVER: cutthroat trout

Trout fishing in streams opened on May 22. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. Last updated 6/9/21.

LOWER COLUMBIA TRIBUTARIES (Big Creek, Gnat Creek, Klaskanine River): spring Chinook

There are spring Chinook in the lower Columbia tribs (mostly Big Creek and Klaskanine) and fishing has been fair to slow. The water is very low, making fishing challenging but there are random fish being caught at first and last light. Last updated 6/2/21.

MIAMI RIVER: cutthroat trout

Trout fishing in streams opened on May 22. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. Last updated 6/9/21.

NEHALEM RIVER: cutthroat trout

There’s not much going on in the Nehalem this time of year except trout fishing which opened on May 22. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. Last updated 6/9/21.

NESTUCCA RIVER, THREE RIVERS, AND LITTLE NESTUCCA RIVER: spring Chinook, summer steelhead, cutthroat trout

Spring Chinook fishing is slow to fair on the Nestucca. There are fish throughout the fishery, and for the second week in a row, rains brought fresh fish into the river. The bay has slowed some with many fish moving upriver, but there should still be plenty of fresh fish to come. Fishing should continue to improve throughout the month. Last updated 6/9/21.

There should be at least a few summer steelhead in the Nestucca by now, especially after recent rains, but effort seems to be low and we’re still not hearing of many fish caught or observed. Last updated 6/9/21.

The upper river from Moon Creek to Elk Creek opened to cutthroat trout and steelhead fishing on Saturday, May 22. There probably aren’t many steelhead up there yet (although there could be a few), but there should be some cutthroat around. Last updated 6/9/21.

For the second week in row a decent number of Spring Chinook arrived at the adult trap at Cedar Creek Hatchery. The water is low and clear, making conditions challenging, but there are likely some fish being caught at first light.

Anglers are reminded that from the Cedar Creek hatchery deadline to the marker below Gauldy Mt Rd Bridge is youth-only fishing (ages 17 and under) from June 1 to July 15, and that Anti-Snagging Gear Restrictions are in place on Three Rivers from May 1 to July 15. The Anti-Snagging Gear Restriction rules are on Page 18 of the Sport Fishing Regulation book. Last updated 6/2/21.

Hatchery spring Chinook and some opportunity to catch them should be available in the Little Nestucca River as well. Recent rains should have moved fish into the river. There are new angling deadline signs (ODFW markers) at Upton Falls and Stella Falls. Last updated 6/9/21.

SALMON RIVER:  cutthroat trout

Trout fishing in streams opened on May 22. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. Last updated 5/26/21.

NOTE: Reminder, the Salmon River hatchery remains closed to walk in anglers. Anglers can use access points upstream and downstream of the hatchery to access those traditional fishing locations.

SILTCOOS AND TAHKENITCH LAKES (and other warmwater lakes in Florence area):

Warm weather and summer-like conditions have the warmwater fisheries in the mid-coast at full swing. Fish are now active and can be found throughout the lakes in a range of habitats. All of these lakes have great opportunities for largemouth bass, yellow perch and other warmwater species. Siltcoos, Mercer, Sutton and Munsel also receive trout stockings and provide opportunity to fish for both. Last updated 6/2/21.

SILETZ RIVER: summer steelhead, spring Chinook, cutthroat trout

Summer steelhead and spring Chinook are starting to show up in the Siletz and there are reports of fish being caught but over all it has been slow. The recent rains and rise in river level should bring in some new fish and create better conditions before the hot and dry pattern returns. Late June through July is typically the peak for the summer steelhead run on the Siletz. Trout fishing in streams opened on May 22. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. Last updated 6/16/21.

SIUSLAW RIVER: cutthroat trout

Trout fishing in streams opened on May 22. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. Last updated 5/26/21.

TILLAMOOK BAY: spring Chinook

Spring Chinook fishing on Tillamook Bay remained on the slow side of fair this past week. There are still some fish being caught, but recent rains have moved many fish upriver. There should be plenty of fresh fish left to come and the bay will likely pick back up before the month is over. Last updated 6/9/21.

TRASK RIVER: spring Chinook, cutthroat trout

The Trask River continued to be fair for spring Chinook this week. Another decent rain brought more fish upriver, and at least a few fish are being caught daily. At this point there should be opportunity throughout the fishery. Last updated 6/9/21.

Anglers are reminded that gear restrictions are in place May 1 to July 31 from the marker at Loren’s Drift (River Mile 9) to the Cedar Creek boat slide (River Mile 10.9); see the Salmon/Steelhead Bobber Fishing Rule on page 18 of the Sport Fishing Regulations. Last updated 6/2/21.

The North and South Fork opened for cutthroat trout fishing on May 22 and there should be some around. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. Last updated 6/9/21.

For anglers fishing near the hatchery, please be advised that Trask Hatchery is currently CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. There have been compliance issues recently; please DO NOT walk past the hatchery closed signs.

The hatchery grounds closure does not affect fishing on the river itself, only access through the hatchery grounds. During the hatchery grounds closure, all vehicle and angler access is prohibited until further notice to ensure public safety while the construction is in progress.

Parking is available to anglers on Chance Rd. near the entrance to the hatchery, and anglers can continue to access the river on the trail from the parking area but from there must remain on the riverbank without accessing the main hatchery grounds. Please remember to practice social distancing.

WILSON RIVER: summer steelhead, cutthroat trout

Fishing on the Wilson remains slow. After rains the past two weeks, there should be summer steelhead (at least in small numbers) in the river, but we still aren’t hearing of many caught. One of our biologists scouted a couple of popular holding pools in the upper basin, but didn’t see any steelhead. Last updated 6/9/21.

YAQUINA RIVER: cutthroat trout

Trout fishing in streams on the Yaquina/Big Elk opened on May 22. Check the regulations for open areas and bait restrictions. Last updated 5/26/21.