All  ODFW offices remain closed to visitors. ODFW staff will be available by phone and email.

Hatcheries have partially reopened during normal visiting hours (8-5 in most cases). Most indoor areas, visitor centers and restrooms remain closed so please plan accordingly. 

Recreation Report

Southeast Zone

Regulation Updates

Regulation Updates as of Jan. 6, 2022

There are currently no special regulations for this zone.

Please see e-regulations for permanent regulations.

For more information contact your local ODFW office:

  • Hines (541) 573-6582
  • Lakeview (541) 947-2950
  • Ontario (541) 889-6975
  • Klamath Falls (541) 883-5732
  • La Grande (541) 963-2138
Recreation Report

Fishing Lake In The Woods
"22" Rainbow with kids" Fishing Lake Of The Woods. -Photo by Dwayne Gates-

If there’s not a photo, it didn’t happen

Submit your fishing photo to ODFW and we might use it here or elsewhere on

Send us your fishing report

We’d love to hear about your recent fishing experience. Send us your own fishing report through ODFW Fishing Reports―the information will be forwarded to the local biologist who may use it to update various ODFW resources such as the weekly Recreation Report.

Keep your eye out for QR code signs posted at various fishing locations throughout Baker County! Anglers with smartphones can provide fishing reports and feedback on-site by scanning the QR code, which directs anglers to our ODFW Fishing Report survey. Directions on how to use the QR codes are provided right on the signs.


  • The Klamath River Below the JC Boyle Powerhouse remains your best bet until about 1 p.m. Roads will be very muddy.
  • Ice fishing might be worth a try on Gerber or Lake of the Woods if ice is safe.
  • Winter is a great time to target redband trout in the Blitzen River.
  • While water levels remain quite low, fishing for rainbow trout has been very good on the Malheur Reservoir.
  • Trout have been taking small midge patterns on the lower Owyhee River.


Stocking will resume in late March.

Check out the 2022 trout stocking schedule.

TROUT STOCKING MAPS: Find your place to fish

Check out the ODFW fishing and trout stocking maps to find nearby fishing locations, driving directions and descriptions of amenities.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: closures, special events, etc.

Ice fishing safety

With several waterbodies beginning to ice over, anglers need to be cautious during first-ice conditions. Take the following precautions: use the “buddy system,” wear a PFD in case of thin ice, carry a throw-rope, and use a heavy metal staff to check for thin-ice. The Minnesota DNR (where they do a lot of ice fishing) has developed guidelines for ice thickness and other safety tips.

If your favorite fishing spot is no longer listed

It’s probably because that river, lake or reservoir is closed for the season, inaccessible due to snow and bad roads, or offers limited fishing opportunities during the winter months. These waterbodies will re-appear in the Recreation Report when they re-open next spring, or when access and/or opportunity improves.


AGENCY LAKE (including Straights): redband trout, yellow perch, brown trout

Most of Agency Lake remains frozen. Many fish are migrating for spawning. The best method is to cover lots of water trolling lures that mimic minnows. The north end of the lake always has better water clarity. The boat dock has been taken out for the year making launching boats challenging. Bring your waders to launch.

Agency Lake regulations are catch-and-release for redband/rainbow trout with no bait allowed (artificial flies and lures only). The boundary of Agency Lake is the south end of the Straits. This change is due to record low spawning escapement for trophy redband trout throughout the Klamath Basin in 2020. ODFW also encourages the use of single barbless hooks in this fishery, not removing the fish from the water and using catch-and-release rubber nets.

Keep on the lookout for radio tagged redband trout. These fish must be released unharmed. The long antennae looks like fishing line coming from the abdomen. Last updated 1/12/22.

ANA RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, hybrid bass

There have not been any updated reports, but fish were caught in October casting lures. Stripping flies could also be lights out if you caught the hatch at the right time. Fish along any of the submerged weedbeds for success. Trolling lures or flies will also do a great job catching fish in this clear reservoir. Bait fishing with PowerBait or worms is also a proven method for putting fish on a stringer.

There haven’t been any recent reports on hybrid bass but fishing should start getting better as the winter progresses. Fly-fishing during the evening hours can be a good way to catch bass. Bait fishing for wipers is usually more successful, but trolling can be an effective method. Rapalas that imitate tui chub and rainbow trout, favorite food sources for hybrid bass, are good bets for catching these fish. On sunny days you will need to troll deeper than cloudy days. Last updated 12/8/21.

Read 12 tips for catching wipers in Ana Reservoir.

ANA RIVER: rainbow trout

There have not been any recent fishing reports, but the river was stocked with 250 larger rainbow trout towards the end of October. Ana River is a great match-the-hatch fly-fishing river with good hatches throughout the year. Hatches typically occur during the afternoon from 12-3 p.m. Small blue-winged olive mayfly hatches are typically best on overcast days with light rain. Beadheads under a bobber work as well as stripping minnow patterns in low light conditions.

Tui chub are abundant in the river therefore casting large flies or lures can be effective for catching larger fish. Bait fishing is allowed and anglers can keep 5 trout. Early this spring an angler caught a hybrid bass in the river, which happens occasionally. Last updated 11/17/21.

ANNIE CREEK: brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout

Bait is allowed. Fishing in Annie Creek is not recommended due to very cold water temperatures (near freezing), low productivity and current high flows (40 cfs). Most of the creek is dominated by small brook trout up to 10 inches. Brown trout are rare and redband trout are highly unlikely in the catch. Please report any redband/rainbow trout caught in the creek to ODFW at 541-883-5732.

The creek is open year-round, and bait is allowed. This might be worth a quick try with the kids during trips to Crater Lake National Park or in the area.

Access is available year-round off Hwy. 62 at the USFS snow park. There is plenty of public property on USFS, State Forest and Crater Lake National Park -- fishing is regulated by the National Park (541-594-3000).

Several waterfalls occur on the creek inside Crater Lake National Park offering exceptional views. Last updated 12/15/21.

ANTHONY LAKE: rainbow trout, brook trout

No recent reports. Last updated 9/22/21.


With extreme temperatures at lower elevations, Balm Creek provides a good opportunity to escape the heat and go fishing higher up in the forest. Reports of good holdover trout in Balm Creek suggest there is a good chance fish in the 14- to 16-inch range can be caught. Last updated 7/14/21.

BECK KIWANIS POND, Ontario: trout

Beck Kiwanis Pond was stocked this fall with 4,000 legal rainbow trout. And 100 trout from Malheur Reservoir. Last updated 12/15/21.

BEULAH RESERVOIR: redband trout, hatchery rainbow trout, whitefish, bull trout

Beulah was drained this past fall but will fill gradually throughout the winter. This reservoir will be restocked next spring. Last updated 12/15/21.

BLITZEN RIVER: redband trout

No recent reports but winter can be a great time to fish the Blitzen River. Recent precipitation has increased flows and river levels are near average conditions. Now that cold weather is setting in, fishing opportunities may be limited to portions of Bridge Creek and ice-free sections of the Blitzen.

For information on river levels and water temperature visit the USGS water resources page by clicking here. Last updated 12/15/21.


Fishing for small rainbow trout has been good. The pond was stocked with 2,000 catchable rainbow trout this fall. Ice thickness ranges from 4-6 inches.Last updated 1/12/22.

BULLY CREEK RESERVOIR: bass, catfish, crappie, rainbow trout

No recent reports. Last updated 1/12/22.

CAMPBELL LAKE: rainbow trout, brook trout

Inaccessible due to fire.

This lake was stocked with 2,400 legal rainbow trout last week. The lake is already low for this time of year, but fishing should be good. Trolling flies and lures can be great ways to catch fish as well as drowning bait from the shore. If you want to target brook trout try fishing on the northwest side of the lake. Definitely a great place to beat the heat of summer. Last updated 7/14/21.

CAMPBELL RESERVOIR: redband trout, largemouth bass, crappie

Fishing not recommended. The reservoir is partly on BLM property. The reservoir went dry this summer. Last updated 12/8/21.

CHERRY CREEK: brook trout and redband trout

Fishing is not recommended. Flows are low. Open all year. Water temperatures are very cold (near freezing). This creek is very small; well-suited to fly-fishing. Brook trout are more abundant higher in the system. A very big fish in the creek is 10 inches. Water is crystal clear and habitat is exceptional. The Cherry Creek trail parallels the creek and leads to many productive wilderness lakes. One of the best waterfalls in the basin is just off the trail.

ODFW encourages unlimited harvest of brook trout and catch-and-release for the redband trout. Fishing is good for brook trout. Fishing improves as brook trout are spawning. Last updated 12/15/21.

CHEWAUCAN RIVER: redband trout, largemouth bass, brown bullhead

Fishing will be slow unless there is a long warm spell. A large portion of the river will be covered in ice during the winter. 

Check the Oregon Water Resources Near Real Time Streamflow website for current flow information. Last updated 12/8/21.


Chickahominy Reservoir is now dry. It will be restocked again when conditions improve. Last updated 11/3/21.

CORRAL CREEK (SF Sprague): brook trout and brown trout

Snow will limit access.

COTTONWOOD MEADOW LAKE: rainbow trout, brook trout

Fishing can be great, but this lake is only accessible by snowmobile. Make sure to bring a shovel and ice auger to dig with. Last updated 1/12/22.

CROOKED CREEK (Klamath Co): redband trout, brook trout and brown trout

Closed to fishing to protect spawning redband trout. Last updated 11/3/21.

CRYSTAL CREEK redband trout and yellow perch

Closed to fishing to protect redband trout spawners. Will reopen May 22. Last updated 12/15/21.

DEADHORSE LAKE: rainbow trout

Inaccessible due to fire.

This lake was stocked recently with 2,400 legal rainbow trout. Fishing should be good whether you’re in a boat or on the shore. Trolling flies and lures can be great ways to catch fish as well as drowning bait from the shore. This is a great place to escape the heat this summer. Last updated 7/14/21.

DEEP CREEK: redband trout

Fishing will be slow unless there is a long warm spell. A large portion of the river will be covered in ice during the winter. 

Check the Oregon Water Resources Near Real Time Streamflow website for current flow information. Last updated 12/8/21.

DELINTMENT LAKE: rainbow trout

Ice fishing will likely be slow due to low oxygen levels. No recent reports on current ice conditions. Anglers should use caution during early ice fishing excursions to this lake. Last updated 1/12/22.

DOG LAKE: largemouth bass, yellow perch, black crappie, brown bullhead, redband trout

The lake is frozen over, but access is only available to snowmobiles. This is a great yellow perch fishery, but ice thickness is unknown at this time. Last updated 1/12/22.

DUNCANRESERVOIR: rainbow trout, brown bullhead catfish

This reservoir is now dry. This is good news due to the fact someone illegally introduced brown bullhead and largemouth bass into the reservoir.

The number of trout at this once fantastic fishery has been declining due to the illegal introduction of both largemouth bass and brown bullhead. With continued introductions such as these, all fish species will end up becoming stunted and angler satisfaction declines. We will continue to monitor the fishery, but expect slow fishing unless it’s been stocked recently. Last updated 9/22/21.

Please report illegal fish introductions to 1-800-452-7888.

FISH LAKE (Steens Mountain): rainbow trout, brook trout

Ice fishing can be great at Fish Lake, there are some nice brook and rainbow trout available. Ice thickness is unknown but appears to be safe.

The Steens Loop Road will likely be closed soon with more snow on the way. A key to the gate can be obtained from the Burns BLM office (541)-573-4400 for those looking for some winter solitude and ice fishing on this this remote lake. Last updated 1/12/22.

FISH LAKE (Wallowa Mountains): rainbow trout, brook trout

Fish Lake and camping around the lake is accessible, and provides some relief from valley temperatures with cool water and mountain views. Recent reports suggest the fish are biting – spinners, spoons, etc. have been effective. Last updated 7/14/21.

FORT CREEK: brown trout, redband trout, brook trout

Closed to fishing to protect redband trout spawners. Last updated 11/3/21.

FOURMILE CREEK (tributary to Agency Lake): brook, brown, and redband trout.

Open all year and bait is allowed. Access is difficult due to snow but access is available year-round off Westside Road at Fourmile Springs. A small car topper boat or canoe can improve fishing access at this area. Anglers should be aware of private property around this area and can check Klamath County Land Ownership for information.

The creek is very slow moving with one beaver dam impounding the creek. Fishing should be slow in front of and behind the beaver dam. If you are adventurous enough, the hole where Fourmile Creek enters Fourmile Canal is great. Also, fish where the Cherry Creek channel hits Fourmile Creek.

The headwater springs at Fourmile and Jack Springs are very cold. Last updated 1/5/22.

FOURMILE LAKE: hatchery rainbow trout, lake trout, kokanee, brook trout

Snow will block access. The USFS has closed the road into Fourmile Lake for the rest of the year. Fourmile Lake will not be stocked this year. The USFS will be removing hazard trees from the campground and surrounding areas due to extensive beetle kill of the trees. Please call the USFS office in Klamath Falls if you have questions regarding the closure (541-883-6714),

Call Lake of the Woods Resort for recent fishing reports Toll Free at 866-201-4194. Last updated 12/15/21.

GERBER RESERVOIR: crappie, yellow perch, brown bullhead and largemouth bass

Open all year. The reservoir is frozen. Ice thickness is unknown. Getting to the water might be challenging due to deep snow or muddy roads

Targeting yellow perch continues to be your best bet. Fish sampling by Bureau of Reclamation has showed incredible densities of yellow perch. Fishing is also slow for crappie for brown bullhead catfish. Use small hooks and bait for the perch as most are small sized with small mouths. The reservoir is at at 3 percent full. Most anglers are now fishing near the dam.

Gerber Reservoir is a large turbid reservoir. Bank access is good. Launching boats might be impossible.

Most of the reservoir is on BLM property. Last updated 1/12/22.

HEART LAKE: hatchery rainbow trout, brown bullhead catfish

Access is only available to snowmobiles and it’s unclear how thick the ice is. Last updated 1/12/22.

HOLBROOK RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout

This reservoir is dry. Last updated 9/22/21.

J.C. BOYLE RESERVOIR (Topsy Reservoir): Largemouth bass, yellow perch, brown bullhead, pumpkinseed, crappie, goldfish, Sacramento perch, tui chub and blue chub

Open and accessible all year. Fishing is slow due to very cold-water temperatures and turbid water. The reservoir might be partially frozen. Ice fishing not recommended.

Past net sampling showed some large yellow perch in the reservoir above the bridge crossing. Highest catch of all fish was above Topsy Bridge. Some very nice brown bullhead came out of Topsy this year. Fishing bait on the bottom might be your best method.

Water levels generally remain very similar and drop as the day progresses as water is released for power generation. There are numerous points of access on the reservoir as most property surrounding the reservoir is BLM or PacifiCorp property. There are three boat ramps on the reservoir. Last updated 1/5/22.

UPPER KLAMATH LAKE: native redband trout, yellow perch, kokanee, pumpkinseed, brown bullhead, tui chub and blue chub

Open all year. Fishing is very slow. The lake is frozen except near the outlet. Redband trout are scattered throughout Upper Klamath Lake. Very few redband trout are in the south end of the lake near Link River Dam.

Hagelstein Park boat ramp, restroom and day use is open.. Please remember that nets or traps of any type cannot be used to catch any species of fish. This includes minnows to use for bait. See page 20 of the Sport Fishing Regulations for legal harvest methods for minnows and chubs.

ODFW encourages catch-and-release on this fishery due to record low spawning numbers in 2020 and very low numbers in 2019. Please fight your fish quickly and then release your fish immediately without removing it from the water. Releasing fish is easier with barbless hooks.  

The lake is 3.3 feet below full pool and 49 percent full.

Please remember that once you retain your one redband/rainbow trout limit you must stop fishing for redband/rainbow trout. Also, all radio tagged redband trout must be released unharmed. Redband trout will have what looks to be fishing line coming from the abdomen. These fish will be 6-20 inches long. Last updated 1/12/22.

KLAMATH RIVER: native redband trout, rainbow trout, brown trout

Keno Dam to J.C Boyle Reservoir

Catch rates were low on opening day (Oct. 1) and effort was very high. Fishing is very slow. Remember bait is not allowed and only one fish over 15 inches can be harvested per day. Also, remember that once you retain your one redband/rainbow trout limit you must stop fishing for redband/rainbow trout.

Flows (487 cfs) are very low. Water temperature is dropping and down to 33 degrees.  Large trout in this reach feed on the many fat head minnows and chub coming down from above Keno Dam. Few trout over 18 inches are being caught this fall. Flies and lures that mimic these minnows will be successful. Remember the Klamath River eats your fishing gear. Jig style hooks, heavy line and single barbless hooks can reduce the likelihood of losing a lot of gear.

This section of the river is very challenging fishing with white water and treacherous wading. The river is loaded with boulders and drop offs. ODFW recommends a wading staff, wading belt, excellent wading boots with studs, and maybe even a helmet and shin guards!

Public access is difficult, but you can drive a horrendous road to immediately below Keno Dam. All other sites require a significant hike to the river. Last updated 1/12/22.

J.C. Boyle Dam to J.C Boyle Powerhouse

Open all year. Flows are low and stable and typically range from 100 cfs at the dam and increase due to springs around 350 cfs at the Powerhouse. Catch rates should be good for this time of year. Fishing is best below the spring inputs. The springs start to discharge into the river approximately one mile below J.C. Boyle Dam. This section of river requires a hike down steep grade to the river except for the area just above the powerhouse.

Use small flies or lures as redband trout are small in this section.

There is good access at the powerhouse. Park and walk upstream. This area is fished hard but you can hike to get away from the pressure. Hiking or wading upstream is difficult. Small nymphs such as pheasant tails and prince nymphs work well in this section. Small black Panther Martins or Rooster Tails work well cast upstream into the deeper pools. Last updated 1/12/22.

J.C. Boyle Powerhouse to State Line with California

Likely the best option for fishing in the Klamath Basin. Roads will be very muddy. Make sure you have good tires and 4X4. Roads might be impassable. Best fishing is when flows are less than 900 cfs. You can check flow estimates at PacifiCorp Weekly Flow Estimates. You can also call the flow line at 1-800-547-1501. Flows look fishable until around 1 p.m. this week. Fishing can be relatively good for this time of year.

Large attractor flies such and wooly buggers, bead head prince, and rubber leg stoneflies under a strike indicator work best this time of year. Olive and black wooly buggers almost always work well. Black spinners and Panther Martins can also work.

Below the JC Boyle Powerhouse the redband/rainbow trout get slightly larger than the aforementioned reach and average 12 inches but rarely exceed 16 inches. Currently, most redband caught are in the 10- to 14-inch range. Last updated 1/12/22.


No recent reports but this reservoir typically offers some good open water winter fishing opportunities for those after large trout. With cold weather on the way there may be some ice near shore and in some cases a large portion of the reservoir will freeze. Fishing from a boat or float tube may help anglers reach open water. 

Anglers should note Malheur Wildlife Refuge does not allow ice fishing on this Krumbo Reservoir. Last updated 12/15/2021.

LAKE OF THE WOODS: hatchery rainbow trout, kokanee, hatchery brown trout, yellow perch, brown bullhead, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, crappie, tui chub

The lake is frozen. Ice thickness is unknown.

Fishing for yellow perch will be your best bet. The lake is dominated by stunted yellow perch. Very small bait and hooks will catch these fish. For recent updates on ice fishing, you can call the resort at 1-866-201-4194.

You can also visit their website to observe current conditions at the lake. Click on the left side video link for a live video of current conditions on the lake at the Lodge. Last updated 1/5/22

LINK RIVER: redband/rainbow trout

Fishing has been very slow. Redband trout numbers in the Link River are extremely low.

Fishing regulations for the Link River changed on Jan. 1, 2021. New regulations include catch-and-release for redband/rainbow trout and no bait allowed (artificial flies and lures only). This change is due to record low spawning escapement for trophy redband trout throughout the Klamath Basin in 2020. ODFW also encourages the use of single barbless hooks in this fishery, not removing fish from the water and catch-and-release rubber nets. Last updated 12/8/21.

LOFTON RESERVOIR: hatchery rainbow trout

Access is only available to snowmobiles and it is unclear how thick the ice is. Last updated 1/12/22.

LONG CREEK: brook trout, redband trout, bull trout

Access will be blocked by snow. Open all year. Long Creek is located above Sycan Marsh coming off Yamsi Mountain. There is ample water to fish on Green Diamond property. Access is difficult but the upper part of Long Creek did not burn as part of the Bootleg Fire. Most roads are closed.

Fishing should be slow for brook trout in the beaver pond areas. Brook trout are very abundant in the creek, and some get very big.

Brook trout can reach up to 20 inches in the creek. ODFW encourages unlimited harvest of brook trout in the creek. Make sure you know the difference between bull trout and brook trout. Bull trout are exceedingly rare. Last updated 1/12/22.

MALHEUR RESERVOIR: rainbow trout

The no bag limit emergency regulation on this reservoir is no longer in effect.  Please refer to the zone regulations for creel limits (five trout per day, only one over 20 inches.)

Ice is currently 7 inches thick. Fishing has been good for rainbow trout. Ice conditions will likely improve now that temperatures are below freezing for the majority of the day. Last updated 1/21/22.


The lake is completely dry. Last updated 1/12/22.

MILLER LAKE: brown, rainbow, brook trout, kokanee

Access will be blocked by snow, except for snowmobiles. Last updated 1/12/22.

OWYHEE RESERVOIR: largemouth and smallmouth bass, crappie, yellow perch, catfish

No recent reports. Snow-capped ridges overlooking the reservoir currently offer some incredible scenery. Anglers may have some success targeting redband trout and crappie this winter. There are also some great chukar hunting opportunities here for those seeking a boat-in cast-and-blast experience.

Only 15 percent of water available for irrigation remains in the reservoir; view boat ramp elevations click here. Last updated 12/15/21.

OWYHEE RIVER (Lower): brown trout and hatchery rainbow trout

Brown trout are done spawning in the Owyhee River but anglers should still avoid wading in gravely areas even if they do not see redds or spawning fish to avoid damaging developing eggs.

No recent reports but most trout are likely using slow deep pools this time of year. Last updated 1/11/2021

PHILLIPS RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, yellow perch

Bag limits on Phillips Reservoir have been reinstated as of Oct. 10, 2021. Remember that tiger musky and bull trout must be released unharmed. Phillips Reservoir water levels are sustaining at the lowest level seen in its 56-year history.

Both the Mason Dam and Union Creek Campground boat launches are unusable due to extremely low water levels. Last updated 10/13/21.


Pilcher Reservoir is nearly empty, and no boats can be launched. No fishing reports as of late. Last updated 10/13/21.

POISON CREEK RESERVOIR (Grant County): rainbow trout

Ice fishing has been fair at Poison Creek. Ice has formed on the reservoir with 4 inches of solid clear ice and a few inches of poor opaque ice on top. Oxygen levels were checked on Jan. 7 and suggest fish may be available for a while longer. Oxygen levels will continue to decline so don’t wait too long to visit this reservoir. Last updated 1/12/22.

POLE CREEK RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, black crappie

Pole Creek Reservoir was drained this past summer and is currently fishless. Last updated 11/3/21.

SEVENMILE CREEK: brook trout, brown trout, redband trout

Open all year. Sevenmile is a very cold and clear creek. Fishing for brook trout is best in the beaver dam pools above Nicholson Road. Fishing is slow due to very cold water temperatures. Most brook trout captured are less than 12 inches.

Anglers can access Sevenmile Creek at Nicholson Road and fish upstream of Nicholson Road. Bait is allowed upstream of Nicholson Road. There are currently large beaver dam pools immediately upstream of the bridge. This might be worth a look. Last updated 11/17/21.

SKY LAKES AND MOUNTAIN LAKE WILDERNESS: brook trout and rainbow trout

Snow is blocking access. All lakes were stocked this summer by helicopter with 3-inch rainbow trout from the Crane Prairie redband trout stock.

Best lakes to catch fish are Clover, Como, Harriette, Echo, Weston and South Pass in the Mountain Lakes Wilderness and Sonya, Margurette and Isherwood in the Sky Lakes Wilderness.

Best lakes for brook trout are Badger Lake (Sky Lakes Wilderness), which is a short hike from Fourmile Lake, and Clover Lake (Mountain Lakes Wilderness). Fishing will improve as the big brook trout look for places to spawn along the edges of the lake.

The biggest trout come from the bigger and deeper lakes of Harriette, Isherwood and Margurette. Last updated 1/5/22.

SPENCER CREEK: redband trout and brook trout

Fishing is closed and will open May 22. Last updated 11/3/21.

SPRAGUE RIVER: redband trout, brown trout, largemouth bass, brown bullhead, yellow perch, and pumpkinseed

Closed to fishing to protect redband trout spawners. Last updated 11/3/21.

NORTH FORK SPRAGUE RIVER AND ALL TRIBUTARIES: brook trout, redband trout, brown trout, bull trout

Public land is inaccessible due to road closures from Bootleg fire. The river on private land is running very turbid on days with rain. This turbidity is due to the run-off from the Bootleg Fire area. Last updated 11/17/21.

SOUTH FORK SPRAGUE RIVER AND ALL TRIBUTARIES: brook trout, redband trout, brown trout, bull trout

Snow will limit access. Flows are near record low. Fishing for redband trout is best near Blaisdell. Fishing should be slow. Last updated 1/12/22.

Check stream level.

SUN CREEK: brook trout, bull trout, brown trout, redband trout

The Sun Pass State Road is closed and snow will limit walk-in access. Fishing not recommended at this time.

Open to fishing all year but closed to fishing for bull trout. Only bull trout occur in upper Sun Creek just above the Sun Pass Forest bridge crossing. Fishing is not recommended at this time as fish density remains low. Recent electrofishing found low number of brook trout, brown trout and redband trout. The largest fish was 11 inches. Fish size and density remain low.

Redband trout were reintroduced to Sun Creek in 2016 and 2017. These redband trout were small, most are less than 4 inches, and salvaged from the Wood River irrigation system. ODFW encourages release of all redband trout. The Sun Creek channel has been rerouted into the historic channel and is connected to the Wood River below Kimball State Park.

If you fish here, make sure you know your fish species well. If you don’t know then let it go. Check stream level. Last updated 12/15/21.

SYCAN RIVER: brook, redband and brown trout (below marsh)

Snow will limit access.

Fishing below the Sycan Marsh is not recommended at this time as most of the river is mostly dry. Last updated 1/12/22.

Check stream levels.


No recent reports. Last updated 10/6/21.

THOMPSON VALLEY RESERVOIR: rainbow trout, largemouth bass

Access is only available to snowmobiles and it is unclear how thick the ice is. Last updated 1/12/22.

UNITY RESERVOIR: trout, smallmouth bass, crappie

Water level at Unity Reservoir is approaching minimum pool, restricting boat access. Anglers have reported decent catches of trout and smallmouth bass. Last updated 10/13/21.

WARM SPRINGS RESERVOIR: smallmouth bass, crappie, bullhead, perch, rainbow trout

Warm Springs reservoir was drained completely this past summer and is slowly refilling.  The reservoir will be restocked with rainbow trout next spring. Last updated 12/15/21.

UPPER WILLIAMSON RIVER: redband trout and brook trout

Closed to fishing to protect redband trout spawners. Will reopen to fishing April 22. Last updated 11/3/21.

LOWER WILLIAMSON RIVER: redband trout and brown trout

Closed to fishing to protect redband trout spawners. Will open May 22. Last updated 11/3/21.

WILLOW VALLEY RESERVOIR: largemouth bass, crappie, yellow perch, bluegill, Lahontan cutthroat

Conditions are unknown. The reservoir is low and likely frozen.

Willow Valley is a very turbid, desert reservoir. Bass and crappie can be found at the habitat structures placed by BLM and ODFW in the past. Yellow perch are prolific in the reservoir but stunted. Last updated 1/5/22.

WOOD RIVER: redband trout, brown trout, brook trout and bull trout

Closed to fishing to protect redband trout spawners. Will reopen April 22. Last updated 11/2/21.


No recent reports on ice conditions or catch rates but we expect there to be enough ice to safely fish. Please use caution when venturing out on the ice, recent warm weather has caused some melt but with temperatures remaining below freezing ice conditions should improve.

If you catch a tagged trout please report it here:  Last updated 1/12/22.