Riverside Wildlife Area Visitors' Guide

The original Riverside Tract is adjacent to the Malheur River near the former railroad community of Riverside. It was purchased from the Blaylock family in 1976 and has been administered by ODFW as Riverside Wildlife Area since that time. The purpose of this initial acquisition was to provide public fishing and hunting access to a previously privately held portion of the Malheur River canyon. In addition, this purchase provided the opportunity for the department to emphasize fish and wildlife habitat management in the river canyon. Additional acres were added to this tract in 1977.

In 1972, the department purchased a second tract, the Malheur River Tract, D.W. Williams. Similar to the Riverside Tract, the objective of this purchase was to provide public fishing and hunting access to formerly privately held sections of the Malheur River south of Highway 20. Currently the wildlife area’s total acreage is 3,798.