Three Mile Falls Dam Fish Counts

Three Mile Falls Dam is located at river mile three on the Umatilla River. The dam was constructed in the early 1900s and serves as an irrigation dam that is a complete barrier to fish migrating upstream. In order to successfully migrate past the dam, all adult salmon and steelhead must use the fish passage facility located on the east side of the dam. The fish facility consists of a fish ladder, viewing window, fish trap and holding pond. Every adult salmon and steelhead heading upstream is counted at this facility using a combination of trapping and video tape enumeration. When the facility is in trapping mode, fish are sampled for biological data, collected for hatchery broodstock, or hauled and released upriver during times of inadequate passage in the lower river. The facility is run through a cooperative project by The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation and by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The facility counts summer steelhead from September through May, spring Chinook from April through July, fall Chinook from August through December, and coho from September through December.

For any additional questions please contact Bill Duke, fish passage biologist with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, at 541-276-2344.


See historic fish counts at Three Mile Falls Dam

    2022/2023 Monthly Counts (pdfs)

    Coho 2022

    Spring Chinook 2023

    Fall Chinook 2022

    Steelhead 2022

    Steelhead 2023

    2021/2022 Monthly Counts (pdfs)

    Coho 2021

    Spring Chinook 2022

    Spring Chinook 2021

      Fall Chinook 2021

      Steelhead 2022

      Steelhead 2021

      2019/2020 Monthly Counts (pdfs)

      Coho 2020

      Coho 2019

      Spring Chinook 2020

        Spring Chinook 2019

        Fall Chinook 2020

        Fall Chinook 2019

        Steelhead 2020

        Steelhead 2019

        2018/2019 Monthly Counts (pdfs)

        Steelhead 2018-2019

        2017/2018 Monthly Counts (pdfs)

        Coho 2018

          Coho 2017

          Spring Chinook 2018

          Spring Chinook 2017

          Fall Chinook 2018

            Fall Chinook 2017

              Steelhead 2018

              Steelhead 2017