Umatilla Hatchery Visitors' Guide

The Umatilla Hatchery began operation in 1991. The hatchery is used for egg incubation and rearing of spring Chinook, fall Chinook and summer steelhead.

Umatilla Hatchery

Best time to visit: April – October

Visiting hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; 7 days a week

Fish raised: fall and spring Chinook and summer steelhead

What to see and do: Umatilla Hatchery rears a portion of its fish in unique ponds called Michigan ponds. Watch the fish eat as the automatic fish feeders dispenses feed throughout the day. The hatchery offers good fishing at the hatchery outfall as well as wildlife viewing opportunities.

  • Wildlife: fish, wading birds, deer, raptors such as osprey, eagles, hawks and owls
  • Facilities: public fishing access, ADA accessible, visitors' center, restrooms
  • Umatilla Hatchery Incubation
    • The Columbia River offers a variety of scenic views and activities.
    • Umatilla National Wildlife Refuge offers a wide variety of wildlife viewing throughout the year. The refuge also offers hunting opportunities in the late fall and winter.
    • McNary Dam offers visitors the chance to view migrating salmon and other fish species through its fish bypass viewing window.

Directions: Take exit 168 off I-84. Take Hwy. 730 to Patterson Ferry Road. Turn north (left) on Patterson Ferry Road to the Columbia River and the hatchery.

Address and Phone:
Umatilla Hatchery
73959 Riverview Lane
Irrigon, OR 97844
(541) 922-5659