Whitehorse Unit 68

WHITEHORSE 90% public lands. Begin - ning at Follyfarm; southeast on State Hwy 78 to US Hwy 95; northeast on Hwy 95 to Jordan Valley; east on Jordan Valley- Silver City Rd to Oregon-Idaho state line; south and west on state line to Denio; northeast on Co Rd through Fields and Andrews to Follyfarm, point of beginning. (Maps: Burns/Vale BLM).

Hunts are for the 2020 season unless otherwise noted

Whitehorse Unit Map (pdf)

Unit wide hunts

  • Whitehorse Unit (468A)

Sub-unit hunts

  • Trout Cr Mtn (168A) - view map (pdf)
  • E Whitehorse (168B)
  • Trout Cr Mtn (168R) - view map (pdf) Traditional Bow
  • NE Whitehorse Muzzleloader (168M)
  • E Whitehorse (268A)
  • High Desert No. 1 (278A1)
  • High Desert No. 2 (278A2)
  • High Desert Muzzleloader (278M)
  • High Desert Youth (278T)
  • Sheepshead Mts No. 1 (568A1)
  • Sheepshead Mts No. 2 (568A2)
  • E Whitehorse No. 1 (568B1)
  • E Whitehorse No. 2 (568B2)
  • E Beatys Butte/Alvord Peaks No. 1 (570B1) - view map (pdf)
  • E Beatys Butte/Alvord Peaks No. 2 (570B2) - view map (pdf)
  • Sheepshead Mtn. No. 1 (568A1)
  • Sheepshead Mtn. No. 2 (568A2)


East Whitehorse Unit - Ontario office 541-889-6975
West Whitehorse Unit - Hines office 541-573-6582

Hunt series key:

100 series – buck deer
200 series – elk
400 series – pronghorn
500 series – bighorn sheep
600 series – antlerless deer
700 series – spring black bear
900 series – Rocky Mountain goat

Please review the Big Game Regulations for sub-unit descriptions.

NOTE: This information is for reference use only, and is not intended to replace the information found in the current Big Game Regulations. Please consult the Big Game Regulations before purchasing tags or planning your hunting excursions.