Bowhunter Education Field Day only - Monmouth

Participants must take the Bowhunter Education online course to attend this Bowhunter Education Field Day. This is the hands-on certification Field Day for Bowhunters and is recognized by all other States to meet their requirements

If you haven't taken the online course for Bowhunters, and intend to be certified in Bowhunter Education, take the online portion here: 

This course teaches bowhunters the fundamentals of safe and responsible archery hunting and an appreciation and respect for the environment in which they hunt. The course is hands-on, and students will be required to shoot their own bows and arrows during the class.  

  • Safe (by following all bowhunting safety rules)
  • Responsible (about bowhunting, wildlife, conservation, and bowhunting laws)
  • Knowledgeable (by knowing and demonstrating acceptable behavior and attitudes while bowhunting)
  • Involved (in joining and participating in bowhunting and conservation organizations)


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