Gift the outdoors

Give a years worth of outdoor adventure

What to get for family and friends who love the outdoors—the birder, hiker, aspiring angler, avid hunter or neighbor who cares deeply about conservation? ‌Here's a list of gift ideas that get them outdoors the entire year or contribute to conserving fish, wildlife and their habitats.

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Waterway Access Permit ($19 for annual) ‌

Pontoon raft
A Waterway Access Permit is required for all paddle craft over 10 feet long, including pontoon boats, kayaks and paddleboards.

A great gift for kayakers, rafters, etc.: The permit is required for paddlecraft (SUPs, rafts, drift boats, kayaks, canoes, etc.) 10 feet long and longer and sailboats under 12 feet. Fees support the aquatic invasive species prevention program and grants for boating facilities. Purchase via guest checkout (under General Category), no account required and it's transferable so write the recipient's name in customer information, then print out permit and give to them.  ‌

Wildlife Area Parking Permit ($30 for annual) ‌

For the wildlife viewer or hiker in your life: The annual permit allows parking at all of ODFW's 20+ wildlife areas (including Sauvie Island in Portland). Purchase via guest checkout (under General Category), no ODFW account required. Also included with the purchase of an annual hunting license. ‌

Habitat Conservation Art
Conservation Habitat Stamps are a great way to support Oregon's fish, wildlife and the habitats they live in.

Conservation Stamp (starting at $20) ‌

Conservation stamps are a great gift for both art and wildlife lovers and support conservation of Oregon's most vulnerable fish and wildlife and their habitats. Collector stamps can be purchased for just $20, most signed art prints are $35. Purchase art prints using form online.   ‌

Upland bird and waterfowl artwork also available.   ‌

Donate to OCRF in someone's name (starting at $10) ‌

Donate to the Oregon Conservation and Recreation Fund to create new opportunities for wildlife watching, urban conservation, community science and other wildlife-associated recreation. Round up your purchase through ODFW's licensing system or donate $10 in the name of your friends or family directly through the Conservation and Recreation Fund website at by writing their name in the donation box.  ‌

Buy online at or at license sale agents.  2024 products go on sale Dec. 1, 2023. ‌

A note on gifting licenses: ‌

If you already have an ODFW account and are buying for family and friends that have one too, the Group Purchase feature makes it even easier to give gifts. To gift an annual license for a brand new customer, you need their name, date of birth, address, email and other personal information.   ‌

Karl Davis with his harvest of razor clams at Gearheart.
For just $10 you can gift someone a year of crabbing and clamming anywhere along the Oregon coast.

Shellfish licenses ($10 annually) ‌

Crabbing and clamming are easy, family-friendly activities. ODFW guides make it easy to get started and know where and when to go. You can gift some basic clamming and crabbing gear too!  ‌

Fishing licenses ($44 annually) ‌

Fish 365 days a year in Oregon with opportunities for every season from trout in stocked lakes to tuna far out at sea. Combine a license with angling tag and other endorsements for the salmon, steelhead, halibut or sturgeon angler in your life. Also see our gear gift guide for the beginner or more avid angler in your life.  ‌

Hunting licenses ($34.50 annually) ‌

Or pick up a combination hunting/fishing licenses for just $73. Or check out our gear gift guide and other gift ideas for hunters.  ‌

Big game raffle tickets (starting at $4.50) ‌

The perfect stocking stuffer! Gift the chance for a four-months long hunt during the rut for the hunter in your life with the purchase of big game raffle tickets. Hunts available for deer, elk, bighorn sheep, pronghorn antelope or Rocky Mountain goat. Discounts for ticket bundles. ‌

Dalilah Mathews with her blacktail deer after a Fall harvest extended youth hunt.
Youth licenses offer a huge bang for the buck (pun intended) and can open up a whole world of outdoor opportunities for the kids in your life.

Youth licenses ($10 annually for youth age 12-17)  ‌

Still one of the best deals around and the same price it's been since 2016: Youth Combo licenses are just $10 (includes angling, hunting, plus shellfish license and Columbia River Endorsement). ‌

Or, gift a Youth Sports Pac for $55 (residents only, includes fishing, shellfish and hunting license; combined angling tag; spring turkey, cougar, general or controlled bear tag, elk and deer tags; upland bird and waterfowl validations and the Columbia River Basin Endorsement).   ‌

To gift a youth license, the recipient must already have an ODFW account and ID number. A parent or guardian can create it for them online or at a license agent.   ‌

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