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Goose hunting on Sauvie Island

A beginner's guide to waterfowl hunting on Sauvie Island - hunting for geese. Part 5 of a 5 part series.

Table of contents

Part 1: A Beginner's Guide to Waterfowl Hunting on Sauvie Island - An Introduction
Part 2: Hunting Sauvie Island’s East Side Unit
Part 3: Hunting Sauvie Island’s West Side Unit
Part 4: Hunting Sauvie Island’s North Side Unit
Part 5: Goose Hunting on Sauvie Island (you are here)

Goose hunting on the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area

White-fronted goose - Photo by Dave Budeau

There is some excellent goose hunting to be found on the Sauvie Island Wildlife Area. However, goose hunting is highly regulated to help reduce goose damage to surrounding private farmlands and because management is subject to international treaties. In addition, some species of geese are struggling and need protection while other species are flourishing. As a result, areas that are open to hunting can change and so can season dates. As a goose hunter, it is your responsibility to know when and where you can hunt and what species you are targeting.

Goose hunting seasons

September Canada goose season 

early to mid-September

Northwest Permit Zone goose season

 mid-October to January, depending on harvest and other factors (check current Game Bird Regulations for exact dates and open areas). To participate in this season, in addition to all the license requirements for duck hunting, hunters must also pass a test demonstrating their ability to identify different species of geese. This test is required to protect certain species from being over-harvested and is available online at the ODFW website or can be taken in writing by appointment at ODFW offices.

Goose hunting areas

September Canada goose season 

Canada geese - Photo by Rick Swart

The entire wildlife area, except for designated refuge areas, is open for hunting during the September Canada Goose Hunt. Hunters must check in and out daily at self service check stations located at the wildlife area headquarters- two miles from the Sauvie Island Bridge at 18330 NW Sauvie Island Road, and at the Willow Bar Parking lot- just north of the Multnomah/Columbia County line on Reeder Road. The North Unit has proved to be the most productive during this early season, but other areas also provide success. Other areas which may be productive are the Crane subunit in the Westside Unit and some of the agricultural areas in the Eastside Unit.

Northwest Permit zone goose season 

The dates, open areas and quotas for the Northwest Oregon Permit Goose season change from year to year, so hunters are advised to consult annual regulations for the most up-to-date information. Hunting during this period generally is limited to the Oak Island subunit of the Eastside Unit and the Reeder Tract. Designated shooting sites in this area are pit blinds placed in the middle of large grass seed or alfalfa fields. Check-in and check-out for this hunt takes place at the Eastside Unit check station. All goose hunters must possess a valid NW Goose Permit in addition to all other required licenses, validations and permits.

Header photo by Simon Wray

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