How to buy a license or tag

November 30, 2018

With ODFW’s electronic licensing system, you can now purchase your licenses and tags online 24/7, 365 days a year, and download them to an app on your smartphone or print paper copies at home. You also can still visit an ODFW office or license vendor to purchase paper or electronic copies of your documents.

Buy a license


There are two ways to purchase licenses, tags, permits or other documents:

  • Buy online at
  • Visit an ODFW office or license vendor

Buy your license/tags online

Great for people who want to buy at home, and/or carry their documents on their smartphone

  • Verify your ODFW account, or create a new one by choosing “I am a new customer…” on the licensing page. Check the FAQs to see which applies to you.
  • After you create your account at, enter your username and password on the MyODFW app (which can be downloaded from the Apple itunes app store or Google Play store). The app will be helpful if you choose to print your documents, and required if you choose to carry them electronically on your phone.
  • Purchase your licenses and tags via the licensing page.
  • Follow the screen prompts to print, or if you choose electronic documents, verify the documents you bought are listed in the MyODFW app.
  • Learn how to use electronic licenses and tagging. See the FAQs for this information.

* Wildlife Area Parking Permits are not available for download and must be printed.

To learn more about electronic licensing system, duplicate licenses, buying a license for others, and what happens if your smartphone dies or you’re out of cell phone range, see our FAQs.

Visit an ODFW office or license vendor

Great for people who don’t use a computer or smartphone

  • Call first to make sure your local vendor is set up to begin selling licenses in the new system, or check the website for a list of active agents.
  • Or, go to an ODFW office that sells licenses.
  • Be patient while the vendor verifies or creates your ODFW account. Check the FAQs to see which will apply to you.
  • Remember to bring your old license with your hunter/angler ID number. If you don’t have your hunter/angler ID, the vendor will need your last name, date of birth and either the phone number or email address associated with the account*. 
  • Select a way to keep your license/tags dry. They’ll be printed on regular printer paper, so you’ll need a Ziploc/plastic bag or other way to protect them from the elements.

*If you have none of these items, ask the agent to try to find you in the system or call ODFW Licensing at (503) 947-6101.

If you have questions about the new licensing system, duplicate licenses, buying licenses for others, tagging an animal or whether you’ll be asked to verify your account, visit our FAQs.

Find ODFW offices that sell licenses

Find ODFW license agents/vendors

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