How to check (and earn) preference points

May 9, 2018

Check your preference points online

You can review your preference points by logging into your account on the licensing page. Look under the Recreational Portfolio section. You CANNOT review your preference points on the MyODFW app.

If you can‘t log into your account, please call ODFW at (503) 947-610o during regular business hours for help.

How to earn preference points

Hunters who put in for a fall big game or spring bear hunt and don’t draw their first choice earn a preference point for that series (buck deer, antlerless deer, elk, pronghorn, spring bear), increasing their odds to draw their hunt choice in the future.

Hunters who don’t want to enter the draw can also get a point saver by applying for hunt “99” in their series (so 299 for an elk preference point, 199 for a buck deer preference point, etc.)

Point savers for deer, elk and pronghorn hunts can be purchased until May 15 each year and from July 1-Nov. 30. 

Note hunters can only earn one preference point each year in a series (with the exception of Mentored Youth hunters). So if you put in for the draw, you can’t then go and purchase a point saver during the last purchase period from July – November.

Spring bear preference points are only available until the application deadline of Feb. 10.

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