Fishing at North Twin Lake

Hunters and anglers with disabilities

The free disabled veteran combination license, and permit for disabled hunters and anglers make it easier for everyone to participate.

Disabled veterans

Oregon residents who are disabled veterans (with a rating of at least 25 percent) are eligible for a FREE combination license that includes hunting, fishing and shellfish licenses and a Columbia River Basin Endorsement.

Resident disabled veterans also can qualify for a $25 elk tag.

First time license applicants must submit

  • This application, and
  • A letter from the U.S. Veterans Administration, or any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States, showing an overall disability rating of at least 25 percent.

Mail or fax these documents to:
Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE Salem, OR 97302
(503) 947-6101 FAX: (503) 947-6117

Renewing license holders can renew their licenses online or at an ODFW license vendor or office that sells licenses.


Photo by Tammy Hay

Disabled hunters and anglers (veteran or not)

Both resident and non-resident hunters and anglers may apply for a FREE Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit, which includes clam digging. This free permit does not replace a hunting, fishing or shellfish license.

While you still need to purchase the applicable licenses, permits, tags and endorsements, the disability permit will allow you to:

  • Fish from an anchored boat, or other floating device, in places where fishing from a boat is prohibited by ODFW.
  • Access to certain fishing docks and platforms, and to many fishing ponds restricted to youth and holders of the disabilities permit.
  • Use or apply to use handicapped accessible hunting blinds where available.
  • Receive assistance from another person.

To apply for a permit, complete this form (including your physician’s signature) and mail it to:

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE Salem, OR 97302
(503) 947-6101 FAX: (503) 947-6117

The Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit is good for five years. To renew, you’ll need to submit a new form.

Find out more about qualifying for the Oregon with Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit, and its benefits.

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