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Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit information

The Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit is not a license or tag. Hunters must still obtain a hunting and/or fishing license and purchase appropriate tags.

To qualify for a disability permit you must have 

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1. Written certification from a licensed physician, physician assistant or certified nurse practitioner, that states that the applicant:
  a. Is permanently unable to walk without the use of, or assistance from, a brace, cane, crutch, prosthetic device, wheelchair, scooter or walker;
  b. Is restricted by lung disease to the extent that the person's forced expiratory volume for one second, when measured by a spirometer, is less than 35 percent predicted, or arterial oxygen tension is less than 55mm/Hg on room air at rest;
  c. Has a cardiac condition to the extent that the person's functional limitations are classified in severity as Class III or Class IV, according to standards established by the American Heart Association;
  d. Has a permanent, physical impairment that prevents the person from holding or shooting a firearm or bow or from holding a fishing rod in hand; or
  e. Has central visual acuity that permanently does not exceed 20/200 in the better eye with corrective lenses, or the widest diameter of the visual field no greater than 20 degrees; OR

2. Written proof that the last official certification of record by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States shows the person to be at least 65 percent disabled (ORS 496. 018)

Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit Application (pdf). Applicant packets are also available at any ODFW office that sells licenses or by calling 503-947-6101. The permit is valid for 5 calendar years. To renew a permit, the holder must submit a new, updated application form.

What the permit allows:

Holder of the Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit are allowed to fish from an anchored craft in waters where fishing from a floating device is prohibited by ODFW. This allowance does not supersede safety or security regulations enacted by other agencies. May fish using an electric powered reel. Rods with electric reels may be kept in rod holder when fishing and landing fish. 

May fish during authorized open fishing seasons from the Nehalem Hatchery Barrier Free Fishing Platform on the North Fork Nehalem River. 

When clam digging a disabled person may be assisted by another person provided:

  • Both diggers have their own containers for clams.
  • Both diggers possess a valid shellfish license. 
  • The disabled clam digger is within 100 yards and within the line of sight of the assistant while the assistant is digging.
  • The disabled clam digger and their assistant each have a copy of the Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit in possession when on the clam beds.

What the permit is not

The Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit is not a license or tag. Anglers must still obtain a fishing license and/or Combined Angling Tag (if fishing for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon or Pacific halibut) and clam diggers must obtain a shellfish license. Hunters also must still obtain a hunting license and apply for and/or purchase appropriate tags in controlled and general big game seasons. You must be in possession of your Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit, license, and tag while you are fishing, taking shellfish, or hunting (even holders of a Disabled Veteran/Pioneer license and tag). All license and tag fees are at regular rates.

For additional information on the rules and regulations pertaining to hunting and fishing with an Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit consult the Oregon Hunting and Fishing regulations.

Disabled veterans are encouraged to see if they are eligible for a free Disabled Veteran License.


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