Three female hunters with their dogs, holding pheasants in front of access sign

Hunting access map

Public access to lands suitable to hunt can be a challenge. That's why we have the Oregon Hunting
Access Map to help find your next outing.

We are lucky in Oregon to have over 50 percent of the state as public land. Even with all this available land, finding legal entry points can be a challenge. To help find access for your next hunt, there is the Oregon Hunting Access Map: 

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Screenshot of Oregon Hunting Access Map
Oregon Hunting Access Map

With this map, you can:

  • Search the search function to look-up properties by name, species or wildlife management unit 
  • Use the species tab at the top to find properties that have the species you are targeting
  • View ownership, wildlife management units, and current and historic fire layers by turning on different map layers
  • Find game bird ranges via map layers
  • Scout with both satellite and map views

This map contains a number of properties and programs that allow access: state wildlife areas, national wildlife refugees, Access and Habitat properties, Travel Management Areas and Open Fields.

The Upland Cooperative Access Program is also a great program for Columbia Basin hunting opportunities. 

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