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Make your own descending device

With just a couple of tools and a few minutes, The Fish Grip™, originally designed as a safer way for anglers to land fish, can easily be converted into a rockfish descending device. Fish Grips™ can be purchased at local tackle shops or online.‌

descending device items needed

Items Needed

  • The Fish Grip™‌
  • Drill‌
  • Scissors or knife‌
  • 2 15-18 inch lengths of line‌
  • 1 large rubber band‌


Step one

Step 1

Cut bungee strap off of The Fish Grip™.‌


Step two

Step 2

Drill a hole into the handle ‌that doesn't already have one.‌




Step three

Step 3

Cut two 15-18 inch sections of line.‌

Step four

Step 4

Insert line through the ‌hole in one of the handles ‌and tie a knot. ‌


Step five

Step 5

Tie a loop in the other end of the line. ‌


Repeat steps 4 & 5

Then repeat steps 4 and 5 on the other handle.‌




Step six

Step 6

Put rubber band around handles ‌to help keep closed. Leave it on during use.‌

Rubber bands will need to be replaced regularly.


Step seven

Step 7

Attach a weight to the line from the handle ‌that has "The Fish Grip" written on it. (Fish Grip will ‌be upside down.) Attach the line from the other ‌handle to an extra fishing pole or hand line.‌


To descend a fish:

Clamp the device onto the lower jaw, lower the fish ‌to depth of capture or at least 100 feet. Then, give ‌the line a sharp tug. The device will open, and the ‌fish will swim away. Retrieve the device, and it is ‌ready to use again.‌

For additional information on rockfish recompression and descending devices, along with videos on how to use this and other descending devices please visit: Rockfish recompression

Download a copy of this how-to

See the homemade descending devices in action!

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