Steelhead management in Columbia & Snake river basins

February 8, 2023

Follow this page for background on steelhead management, to provide feedback and learn about decisions when they happen for the Columbia, Deschutes, John Day, Umatilla, Walla Walla and Grand Ronde rivers.

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Update Feb 14, 2024: The pre-season forecasts for Columbia River basin upriver summer steelhead were recently developed. The aggregate forecast is improved over last year but still well below the 10-year average. Actual returns in 2023 (steelhead counts at Bonneville and Ice Harbor dams) were higher than pre-season forecasts and sufficient to keep steelhead fishing open on tributaries. The Deschutes, Umatilla, John Day, Grand Ronde, Imnaha remained open for steelhead fishing last fall and into 2024 under permanent regulations. See the frameworks to learn more about the criteria used to manage steelhead fishing seasons on Columbia tributaries. ‌


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