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Big Game Hunting

The state's smallest deer, the white-tailed deer is found in beautiful northeast Oregon. 

Features: The most distinguishing feature of white-tailed deer is the tail. Whitetails have long, wide tails that can easily be seen, especially when they are startled and raise their tails. White-tailed deer antlers differ from mule and black-tailed deer in that there is one main beam with points coming off. Mule and black-tailed deer have antlers that fork on the main beam.

Habitat: White-tailed deer share the same habitat as eastern Oregon’s mule deer. Deer both graze and browse. Forbs and browse (stems and leaves of woody plants) are favored forage during the growing season. Grasses are consumed during some seasons. In many areas, the availability of forage is strongly associated with logging or fire, which create favorable forage conditions for whitetails.

Techniques: Standard deer hunting techniques apply. Spot and stalk, or set up near food -- both are effective.