5 Alerts

Mussel harvest is closed from the south jetty of the Coquille River to the CA border.

Effective 9/19 to 12/31, Chinook and coho retention are open from Buoy 10 to the Hwy 395 bridge.

Crabbing open to nonresidents from Cape Falcon south.

Beginning March 23, all ODFW offices will be closed to visitors. ODFW staff will be available by phone and email.

Effective March 18, all state-owned fish hatcheries are closed to public access and visitors. Trout stocking in lakes and ponds continues for now.


Pacific cod are often used to make fish sticks.

Features: Pacific cod are brown to gray on the back with brown spots or pale areas on the back and sides. They are lighter on their bellies. They have an elongated body with a square caudal fin, three dorsal fins, a chin barbel, and two anal fins. The anal fins are usually white-edged. 

Habitat: They are widely distributed in cooler regions of Pacific and adjacent seas- Japan to the Bering Sea and south to Santa Monica, California. They range in water 7- to 300-fathoms deep, but tend to hang out near the bottom of the water column, regardless of water depth.

Technique: These are the most important trawl-caught bottom fish off British Columbia. They are seldom caught by recreational anglers, but if you are targeting this species the place to fish is over soft substrate. They have a soft mouth so when you set the hook be careful you don't pull it free.