6 Alerts

Retention for sturgeon allowed for 2-more days.

Effective October 19, the daily bag limit reduces for adult hatchery Chinook 

Crabbing remains open in bays and estuaries, and from beaches, docks and jetties.

The Oregon coast is open to razor clamming from the WA to CA borders.

Retention of wild adult fall Chinook salmon is prohibited effective October 5, 2019.

Steelhead, fall Chinook and coho bag limits reduced to one per day.


First introduced to Oregon in June of 2013, the tiger muskie is a sterile cross between a muskellunge and a northern pike.

Features: They are aptly named for their color pattern and appetite. They have dark stripes running vertically down their sides, which vary in color from greenish-grey to a blush hue. They can grow in excess of 4-feet long and 30 pounds. 

Habitat: These fish were released in Phillips Reservoir near Baker City to help control the runaway yellow perch population that was harming the rainbow trout fishery.  

Technique: This is a catch-and-release fishery. Tiger muskie have a reputation for being elusive and difficult to catch. Anglers who target these fish will want a strong rod and line, a reel with a strong drag on it, and a tough leader to survive the fish's sharp teeth. They will go for a variety of baits, and seem to prefer offerings about 6-inches long.