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Broodstock needs have been met, and surplus fish are available to anglers.

Razor clamming is CLOSED on our north coast due to elevated levels of domoic acid.

Effective February 14, recreational crabbing is closed south of Bandon.


Weekly trout stocking schedule

Each year, ODFW stocks millions of trouts in dozens of reservoirs, lakes and ponds throughout the state. You can use the search and filter functions to search the stocking schedule for specific locations and dates. The schedule is subject to change without notice; see individual waterbody listings in the Recreation Report for updates.

The U.S. Army Corps stockings have been incorporated into the ODFW stocking schedule below.  ODFW provides U.S. Army Corps stocking information as a courtesy to anglers, but changes may be made to those stockings without notice.

Stocking Schedule

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Week of Waterbody Zone/Office Legals Trophy Brood Total
- COFFENBURY LAKE Northwest / Tillamook 2,200 0 0 2,200
- COFFENBURY LAKE Northwest / Tillamook 1,750 0 0 1,750
- COFFENBURY LAKE Northwest / Tillamook 2,000 0 0 2,000
- COFFENBURY LAKE Northwest / Tillamook 4,500 0 0 4,500
- COFFENBURY LAKE Northwest / Tillamook 0 500 0 500