Irrigon Wildlife Area Visitors' Guide

The Columbia Basin Wildlife Areas are a composition of four Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife managed wildlife areas located along the Columbia River, in the Columbia Basin. The four wildlife areas (Power City, Irrigon, Coyote Springs and Willow Creek) are within the Columbia Plateau ecoregion. Management agreements for these areas were initially established between 1971 and 1977 between the department and Federal agencies which owns the lands.

The Columbia Basin Wildlife Areas, which total approximately 1,885 acres, provide an important landbase for the conservation and recreation of fish and wildlife within a highly privatized and altered landscape and play an important role for the fall and spring migrations of waterfowl in addition to resident upland game bird production.

A parking permit is required to park at this wildlife area. Find out how to buy a parking permit

Best time to visit: Upland birds, waterfowl and songbirds are common during most of the year. The area is heavily hunted during upland bird and waterfowl seasons.

Visiting hours: Entry between 10 pm and 4 am is prohibited except in designated parking areas. No overnight camping.

Columbia Basin Wildlife Areas Map

What to see and do: At the wildlife area: Painted turtles can be observed during the early morning hours in summer. Curlews can be seen after their arrival in March.

  • Wildlife: red-tailed hawk, American kestrel, spotted sandpiper, Wilson’s snipe, savannah sparrow, white crowned sparrow, California Quail, mallards, widgeon, great blue heron, great egret; For and extensive list see Appendix C in the Columbia Basin Wildlife Areas Management Plan.
  • Facilities: hunting, fishing, ADA accessible view point, hunting, and trails
  • Nearby: The Columbia River offers a variety of scenic views and activities.

Directions: Take exit 168 (Hwy. 730) and follow the signs to Irrigon. The wildlife area begins just east of Irrigon and runs to the Umatilla River near the City of Umatilla. Umatilla Wildlife Area is located between Hwy. 730 and the Columbia River.

Address and Phone:
Irrigon Wildlife Area
73471 Mytinger Lane
Pendleton, OR 97801
(541) 276-2344

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