Wildlife Area Parking Permit

Buying an ODFW Wildlife Area parking permit

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife owns or manages nearly 200,000 acres of land set aside for wildlife use and public recreation. The ODFW Wildlife Area Parking Permit helps fund habitat improvements and visitor amenities such as parking, restrooms and interpretive signs at these wildlife refuges.

Buy a Parking Permit

Where do I buy a wildlife area parking permit?

Permits can be purchased online or at an ODFW office that sells licenses or at a license sales agent. A daily permit is $10, and an annual permit is $30.

It is not necessary to create an ODFW account to purchase a parking permit. Instead, choose the "Guest Checkout" at the bottom of the page, type “parking” in the search bar, add the annual or daily Wildlife Area Parking Permit, select a wildlife area, and proceed to checkout.

A free parking permit is included with an annual Oregon hunting license, combination fishing and hunting license, and Sports Pac. Parking permits are not included with an annual fishing license or any daily licenses.

Where do I need one?

Fifteen ODFW Wildlife Areas require a $10 daily parking permit or a $30 annual (Jan. 1-Dec. 31) parking permit:

Permits are transferrable between cars, but each car must have a permit displayed on the dash while parked at a wildlife area.

What am I funding?

Proceeds from the Parking Permit program are used to improve habitat and infrastructure, and to enhance wildlife viewing opportunities at wildlife areas. Congress made it possible to protect these habitats and secure public access with passage of the Pittman-Robertson Act in the late 1930s. This has placed a federal manufacturer's excise tax on hunting arms and ammunition. These funds are allocated to each state based on the number of hunting licenses sold and size of the state. This is why a free parking permit is included with hunting licenses in Oregon.