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Hunter Education course or field day registration

Learning to hunt is an adventure that can last a lifetime, and ODFW Hunter Education is a great way to start.


Registration for these events is open now! Students will need their own license account to register for the class or field day. Find out how to verify account first or create an account here.

If you don’t see a date or location that works for your schedule, check back regularly– we post new events as soon as we receive new dates and locations from volunteer Instructors. We will be offering a number of classes and field days throughout the year.

A few things to consider about your Hunter Education experience:

  • Make sure the student’s ODFW license account has a valid phone number and email address so we can communicate about class logistics. Class may be cancelled at anytime due to changing conditions.
  • Do NOT bring firearms or ammo – the Hunter Education program will supply them for use. Safety glasses and hearing protection is also provided.

In Oregon, a Hunter Education course is required for all new hunters age 17 and younger unless hunting on land owned by a parent or legal guardian, or unless participating in the Mentored Youth Hunter Program.

This course provides a thorough introduction to the skills hunters need, such as firearm safety, hunter ethics, wildlife identification and hunt preparation.

We also recommend Hunter Education for any adult new to hunting, or as a refresher for experienced hunters. Some nearby states also require every hunter in their state to have completed Hunter Education.

ODFW offers courses in two formats aimed at different learning styles:

  • Conventional classroom setting includes 14-16 hours of classroom instruction and a field day with a live fire exercise and hands on evaluation of safe firearms handling. The course costs $10 per student. Click here for a list of upcoming classes.
  • Online through one of four approved courses. Each course takes about six hours and the cost varies depending on the course provider. In addition to the online course, youth also are required to take a field day. Click here for list of online course providers, or here to register for a field day. Click here for a list of upcoming field days. Adults are not required to attend a field day. Adults will receive certification upon completion of the adult online course.

How to register for an ODFW course, workshop or event

Upcoming Hunter Education Classes and Field Days

There is no minimum age to take a course, but children under age 11 often have a difficult time with the material. Younger students may also lack the upper body strength necessary to handle a firearm safely and control the muzzle during loading and unloading drills.

Please note that youth may apply for a controlled hunt before they complete hunter education, but must pass hunter education before actually hunting on their own tag or validation.

ODFW does not refund class fees, which are used for program equipment and supplies

Remember that you cannot register for an ODFW activity without an online account.

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