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Game Bird Hunting

Wild turkeys were first introduced into Oregon in the 1960s. Since then, populations have grown enough that hunters can enjoy both spring and fall hunting seasons with generous bag limits.

Wild turkeys are not native to Oregon but were first successfully introduced in 1961. Since then more than 10,000 turkeys have been transplanted to locations all over Oregon and continue to thrive in most game units through the state.

Turkey hunting is a popular activity in Oregon and has grown more than ten-fold since a statewide spring season opened in 1987. Oregon’s six-week spring turkey season is among the most liberal in the United States. Hunters have an opportunity to take up to three gobblers during the spring season and up to two birds during the fall, one of which can be either sex.

The spring hunt is generally considered the premium time for turkey hunting. The essence of the hunt is to attract a big tom within shotgun range through concealment and skillful calling. Oregon’s best turkey habitat is in southwestern Oregon, but populations are increasing in the Willamette Valley and the east side of the state, particularly in the northeast corner and the Blue Mountains.

Fall turkey season is designed to alleviate turkey nuisance and damage issues by allowing hunters to harvest either a tom or a hen. Tactics are different for this hunt and can involve either spot-and-stalk or breaking up the flock and calling them back to you. You can find more tips on fall hunting on the National Wild Turkey Federation website.

How to Hunt

Where to Hunt

License Requirements & Seasons

In order to hunt wild turkey in Oregon, you must have a current Oregon Hunter’s License and a valid turkey tag. Licenses and tags can be purchased online at the ODFW Electronic Licensing System, your local ODFW office or any store that sells hunting and fishing licenses.

For detailed regulations, season dates and turkey hunting zones, see the Oregon Game Bird Regulations.


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