Game Bird Hunting

Current wild turkeys in Oregon are most likely a hybrid of the Merriam’s subspecies, first introduced in 1961, and Rio Grande subspecies, introduced in 1975.

Features: A large, male turkey in Oregon can weigh up to 25 pounds. They have long legs, usually with medium-length spurs on the heels, and "beards" on their chests. Female turkeys lack spurs and are much smaller than the males. Most hens lack a beard, but a small percentage will grow one.

Habitat: Wild turkey have been established throughout the state and have proven adaptable to a surprisingly wide range of habitat types. They generally wander a mile or so a day, returning to their roost (the bottom limbs of a tall tree) at night.

Technique: The spring season is considered the premium time for turkey hunting. The essence of the hunt is to attract a big tom within shotgun range through concealment and skillful calling. Turkeys are vocal throughout the day, making them relatively easy to call.