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Razor clamming is CLOSED on our north coast due to elevated levels of domoic acid.

Effective February 14, recreational crabbing is closed south of Bandon.

Crabbing & Clamming

Littleneck clams are a much sought after clam. These clams are often confused with Manila littleneck clams, a smaller related (but non-native) clam that is farmed in mariculture operations and is available on local markets.

Features: Circular in shape 1.5-2.5 inches across. Identified by concentric lines and radiating ridges. Longer lived and less abundant than cockles.

Habitat: High salinity areas of sand, mud, gravel, or rock. Only Coos, Yaquina, and Tillamook bays have populations. 

Techniques: These clams can be found in rocky nearshore areas within 6 inches of the surface. Be sure to get your shellfishing license and check the regulations before you go!