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Razor clamming is now closed from the south jetty of the Siuslaw River south to the California border.

Crabbing & Clamming

Licensing Info

Shellfish licenses are valid from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. You can begin buying your next year's license on Dec. 1 of the prior year. If you have questions, please call ODFW licensing staff at 503-947-6101.

2019 Crabbing and Clamming 
License, Tag and Permit Fees

Annual Licenses

Annual Shellfish

Resident $10.00
Nonresident $28.00

Sports Pac

includes fishing, shellfish and hunting license; combined angling tag; spring turkey,
cougar, general or controlled bear tag, elk and deer tags; upland bird and waterfowl validations

Resident $188.50
Resident with Columbia River Basin Endorsement $198.25
Nonresident N/A

Youth Licenses

Youth Sports Pac

includes fishing, shellfish and hunting license; combined angling tag; spring turkey, cougar, general or
controlled bear tag, elk and deer tags; upland bird and waterfowl validations and the Columbia River Basin Endorseme
Resident $55.00
Nonresident N/A

Disabled Veteran and Uniformed Service Member License

Uniformed Services Annual Shellfish

Resident N/A
Nonresident $10.00

Disabled Veteran Shellfish

Resident FREE
Nonresident N/A

Daily/Multi-day Licenses

Daily Angling and Shellfish Combination

Resident/Nonresident $30.50 ( $31.50 with a Columbia River Basin Endorsement)

Three Day Shellfish

Resident N/A
Nonresident $19.00

Other Permits and Applications

Duplicate License, Tag, or Permit


Wildlife Area Parking Permit

Daily $10.00
Annual $30.00

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit- Nonmotorized Boats

Resident/Nonresident $7.00

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Permit - Motorized Boats

Resident N/A
Nonresident $22.00

Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit*

includes disabled clam digging
Resident/Nonresident FREE
Oregon Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Permit

*Regular shellfish license is still required.

Additional Resources

Incoming and outgoing tides can affect several marine fisheries. For example, clamming is best during low and negative tides.

Learn more about the biotoxins that occasionally shut down razor clamming, and sometimes crabbing, on the Oregon coast.

Fall and winter can be excellent times for crabbing and clamming. And shellfish licenses are quite affordable ($10) for youth and adults 12 and older.