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Razor clamming is CLOSED on our north coast due to elevated levels of domoic acid.

Effective February 14, recreational crabbing is closed south of Bandon.

Crabbing & Clamming

Mussels, like clams, are sedentary filter feeders. Those who like eating clams are likely to find mussels just as delicious. 

Features: Along Oregon's coast there are two species of mussel. Bay mussels (Mytilus edulis) are bluish-black and grow to about 3 inches in length. California surf mussels (Mytilus californianus) are brown or black and grow to about 7 inches long.

Habitat: Mussels often inhabit boulders in the upper tidal zone so it is best to go looking for them during low-tide.

Technique: Wearing a glove, use a twisting motion to pull mussels off the rocks, then immediately pull the "beard" off the bottom, the hairs that previously anchored the shellfish to the rocks. Be sure to check the regulations and safety closures before heading out to harvest mussels.