Recreation Report

Columbia Area

Recreation Report

(White River, Hood, West Biggs, and Maupin Units)

Give us a wing and a tail - Map of collection barrels for grouse and quail now available

Bird hunters, don’t forget to give us a wing and a tail for any forest grouse or mountain quail you harvest! Use paper bags in the bright blue collection barrels placed at major road junctions or highways in hunting areas and some ODFW offices and popular rural markets. Mark your harvest date plus county and general location where you hunted.

Here’s a map of where to find collection barrels.

Wings and tails provide information on hatch date, age and sex ratio of birds and recruitment (number of young surviving). Thanks very much for your cooperation.


Pheasant: Oct. 6- Dec. 31

Most of the best pheasant hunting occurs on private lands within the district. Make sure you secure permission if planning to hunt any private lands. Also, check out our Upland Cooperative Access properties in Sherman and Wasco counties. Call The Dalles field office at 541 296 4628 with any questions about this program.

California quail, chukar, gray partridge(Huns): Oct. 6- Jan. 31

Chukars can be found throughout steep and rocky terrain in The Deschutes and John Day River Canyons. Gray partridge can also be found in these areas, but their locations are much more unpredictable. They are more commonly associated with agricultural areas and grasslands surrounding these areas. California quail can be found just about anywhere but are most commonly found in heavy cover in riparian areas. Lots of good opportunity exists on public lands within the river canyons. A good map or cell phone app depicting public and private land boundaries is essential when pursuing game birds in these areas. Hunters can also try Upland Cooperative Access for these species.


Duck and Merganser:  Season runs October 13- 28 and October 31- January 27, 2019. Waterfowl hunting along the Columbia River is great, with a large variety of species available for harvest.  Early season hunting can be very sporadic, depending on the weather.  Areas along the Columbia River can generally be hunted as long as you stay below high water mark and are outside of city limits.  If you have specific questions about access, call The Dalles field office at 541 296 4628.

Scaup:  Season runs November 3- January 27.  The bag limit for Scaup is 3 per day.  Scaup will start to show up along the Columbia by the thousands as the season progresses.

Goose:  Season runs October 13- 28 and November 5- January 27, 2019.  Geese can be hunted in many areas along the Columbia River.  There are also lots of private land hunting opportunities in the area if you are willing to get out and do some scouting and ask for private land permission.  Areas along the Columbia River can generally be hunted as long as you stay below high water mark and are outside of city limits.  If you have specific questions about access, call The Dalles field office at 541 296 4628. 

Forest grouse and mountain quail: Sept. 1- Jan. 31, 2019

Sooty (blue) grouse can be found in forested portions of the White River and Hood units. They seem to be more heavily concentrated in the Hood unit and in the western portion of the White River unit. Targeting breaks of major ridges is a good strategy for finding sooty grouse. Ruffed grouse seem to be more difficult to find in these units but are generally associated with riparian areas. Mountain quail also can be found throughout these units but seem to be more common on private timberlands in the Hood Unit. Make sure you have a permit to access Weyerhaeuser timberlands and check fire restrictions prior to hunting.

White River Wildlife Area

Blue and ruffed grouse: Sept. 1– Jan. 31, 2019 (daily limit: 3 of each species)

Grouse are a rare site on Whiter River but can be found at higher elevations in the Mt. Hood National Forest.

California quail: Oct 6 – Jan. 31, 2019 (daily limit: 10)

Small pockets of quail can be found scattered throughout the Wildlife Areas. Concentrate efforts around water sources and riparian areas with good cover.

Chukar and Hungarian partridge: Oct. 6 – Jan. 31, 2019 (daily limit: 8)

Limited opportunities exist for chukar and huns around the Postage Stamp Butte area on the north end of WRWA. Although the season runs through Jan. 31, 2019, everything north of FR 27 (Postage Stamp Butte area) closes to access from Dec. 1 – March 31 each year.

Waterfowl: Limited opportunities available on water bodies throughout the wildlife area.