Sport Groundfish Seasons

Oregon's marine waters are home to many different species of groundfish (bottomfish), including lingcod, sablefish, cabezon, all species of rockfishes, greenlings, and many species of flatfishes, sharks and skates. Pacific halibut is not a groundfish species;
it is managed with its own allocation and regulations.

2018 Groundfish Regulations
effective Jan. 1, 2018

Marine Fish (rockfish, greenlings, skates, sharks, etc) – Open at all depths Jan. – March and Oct. – Dec.  Open inside 30 fathoms Apr. – Sept.

  • Jan. 1 – Dec. 31: 5 fish, no sub-bag limits except for cabezon (see below).
  • Lingcod: 2 fish, in addition to the 5 fish marine bag limit.
  • Yelloweye rockfish retention prohibited at all times and in all waters.


  • July 1 – Dec. 31 or earlier if the quota is reached: 1 fish sub-bag limit;  of the 5 fish marine bag limit, no more than 1 may be cabezon (when open).

Offshore Longleader Fishery – Outside of the 40-fathom regulatory line.

  • Use of longleader gear is required to participate in the Offshore Longleader Fishery.
  • 10 fish limit.
  • Only species allowed in the longleader 10-fish bag limit are:  yellowtail, widow, canary, redstripe, greenstriped, silvergray chilipepper and bocaccio rockfish. 
  • No other groundfish are allowed.
  • Offshore longleader trips can’t be combined with traditional bottomfish, flatfish, or halibut trips, and lingcod can’t be retained.
  • Longleader trips can be combined with other non-bottomfish trip types (e.g. tuna, salmon), as long as the “multispecies” rule, which prohibits fishing for, or taking and retaining any species of salmon, Pacific halibut or marine fish while possessing on board any species not allowed to be taken in the area at that time, is followed.

Flatfish (sanddabs, petrale sole, etc.; not including Pacific halibut)

  • Open at all depths, 25 fish bag limit.

Any vessel fishing for, or possessing, bottomfish, including flatfish, or Pacific halibut in the ocean must have a functional descending device onboard, and use it on any rockfish released outside of 30 fathoms.

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