Beaver State Podcast

The Beaver State Podcast

The Beaver State Podcast is a product of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife that takes a look at hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing in Oregon through conversations with Oregonians, ODFW staff and luminaries throughout the conservation world. Each half-hour to forty-five minute podcast will explore complex fish and wildlife topics broadly and in detail, and future episodes will feature weekly information from the Recreation Report.

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Bonus Episode: The Beaver State Podcast Book Club
Episode 120: The most-famous fish in Oregon
Episode 119: What is the Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program?
Episode 118: Exploring Oregon's best waterfowl destinations
Episode 117: How to make friends with a crow
Episode 116: Veterans in the Outdoors
Episode 115: The Fish Chief
Episode 114: The Psychology of the Great Outdoors
Episode 113: Living in a Bear’s World
Episode 112: A Song of Crawdads
Episode 111: Oregon Wildlife Foundation with Tim Greseth
Episode 110: Chronic Wasting Disease with Dr. Colin Gillin
Episode 109: DIY Sage Grouse Hunt on Steens Mountain
Episode 108: So, you want to be a fish biologist - SE Oregon Edition
Episode 107: How we built a new fishery to take pressure off the nearshore reefs
Episode 106: Finding your voice as a hunter with Amy Patrick
Episode 105: Rocky Mountain G.O.A.Ts
Episode 104: Fishing Oregon Hawaiian Style with Pono
Episode 103: Snorkeling Oregon Rivers
Episode 102: Where the pronghorn antelope play
Episode 101: Studying cougars in the central coast range
Episode 100: The ban on hunting cougars and bears with hounds
Episode 99: Why does the controlled hunt draw take so long?
Episode 98: Angler Education with Amanda Boyles
Episode 97: Hunter Education with Jered Goodwin
Episode 96: Access and Habitat with Travis Schultz
Episode 95: To all the trout I’ve loved before
Episode 94: North Bank White-tailed deer with DeWaine Jackson
Episode 93: How to choose a hunting or fishing partner
Episode 92: Conservation psychology with Dr. Kathayoon Khalil
Episode 91: Phytoplankton with Micah Rogers
Episode 90: Salamander stories with Chris Cousins
Episode 89: Repairing culverts to give fish access to more habitat
Episode 88: A debunking of some of the top misnomers and myths
Episode 87: From shotgun skills clinic to competitive trap shooting with Roscoe and Kenji Chang
Episode 86: Why you should always leave young wildlife alone with Anne Mary Myers
Episode 85: Making use of hunt reporting data with Justin Dion
Episode 84: Backcountry Preparedness with Montana Pagano and Kyle Bratcher
Episode 83: Health, climate change, hunting, fishing and trapping with Dr. Leslie King
Episode 82: Hunters of Color with Lydia Parker
Episode 81: Steelhead fly fishing history with John Shewey

Beaver State Podcast Season 2

Episode 80: Christmas Bird Counts
Episode 79: Sturgeon
Episode 78: The Minam Acquisition
Episode 77: How do you get to be a record bull elk in Oregon?
Episode 76B: Coastal Elk
Episode 76A: Cascade Elk
Episode 75: Rocky Mountain Elk
Episode 74: The science of elk
Episode 73: Lamprey
Episode 72: Oregon is goose rich
Episode 71: Water Part 1 - The Clackamas Watershed
Episode 70: Sage Grouse
Episode 69: Freshwater Mussels
Episode 68: Hunting black-tailed deer in Oregon
Episode 67: Band-tailed pigeons
Episode 66: The Ochocos
Episode 65: Sierra Nevada Red Fox with Jaime Bowles
Episode 64: Safe and responsible wildlife viewing
Episode 63: Wildlife rehab with ThinkWild’s Pauline Baker
Episode 62: High Lakes Trout Stocking
Episode 61: Mythbusting the ODFW budget
Episode 60: Vegan to hunter with Carla Brauer
Episode 59: So, you want to be a wildlife veterinarian
Episode 58: Better Ballistics with Nosler’s Zach Waterman
Episode 57: Crabs and Crabbing with Mitch Vance
Episode 56: Sooty Grouse Hooting Surveys
Episode 55: Klamath Lake Redband Trout
Episode 54: Fire, Fish and Streams
Episode 53: All Antlers
Episode 52: So, you want to be a fish biologist - With Laura Green
Episode 51: After football with Thomas Tyner
Episode 50: Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program biologist Antonio Salgado
Episode 49: Chukar
Episode 48: Playing the controlled hunt odds with Ron Wold
Episode 47: Pinnipeds with Susan Riemer
Episode 46: Coastal Elk with Premium Hunt Winner Amanda Hubler
Episode 45: Fish Passage and Screening
Episode 44: People of Color Outdoors with Pamela Slaughter
Episode 43: Afrovivalist with Sharon Ross
Episode 42: Forecasting Salmon
Episode 41: Poaching

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